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Final Student Projects, Next Gen, Spring 2020

Factory students (video production), BUMP students (audio production), Game Code Design students. Ages 14-17. Playlist

Factory Final Student Films (video production)

Quarantine Cabin Fever by Clementine Nelson

Power of Light by Jason Tou
The Story of the Pandemic that changed the world. The negativity of everyone manifesting itself as pure darkness, and one chosen to do his best to fix everything holding in his power of light. This film represents how everyone is sort of bottled up with no freedom at the moment.

ADHD by Liam McKay
Short Film about a student who deals with having ADHD, created by Liam McKay.

Life-Line by Sophia Montoya
A teenage girl doesn’t realize the impact cell phones have on her life until it is too late.

Saccharine by Kelly Chen
Saccharine is a narration from a San Leandro native and her opinions associated with the city. Claustrophobia, limitations, and feeling trapped, are all themes that have resulted from living in a city that lacks life and spirit. But as dreadful as San Leandro may feel, it is still home.

A Day In The Life by Melvin Rodriguez 

BUMP Final Student Podcasts (audio production)

Radio Show by Hailey Walsh

Radio Show by Hugo De La Torre

Game Code Design final student projects
Living Systems & Inter-Species Alliances

Students were challenged to think about Earth not just as a passive environment for human settlement but rather a living system of organisms that evolved over billions of years. Students can explore this theme from the macro to micro scale, planetary to mycelial systems. Each student was provided with a base model of the city of San Francisco to adapt the theme of their game. The theme for this semester is “Living systems; inter-species alliances.”
Play the games yourself!

Sunset: The year is 2145, after the flood of 2045, causing much of San Francisco to become submerged. Humans, panicked, fled the city and left it to let the city be reclaimed by nature. Shortly after this, one after another, creatures began to wander in. Among the many to show up were the beavers. These first beavers, with the help of San Francisco's natural resources, built a huge dam which they continue to maintain to the present time. Nowadays, there are many animals who live there, and even more that visit every year. There are many treasures to find!

Playlist of Final Student Projects, Bridges Fellowship, Spring 2020

Bridges Fellows, Spring 2020 (Ages 18-24)

The Bridges Fellowship, (Ages 18-24) is designed to help a diverse cohort of transitional age youth to surmount the barriers to entering and staying in the industry.
The Places Your Mind Wanders When Trying to Meditate
Short Animation by Alexa Alyeshmerni

Colonial Mentality
Short Film about identity development as a Vietnamese person by Trang Doan

Sustainable Mindset
Short film about being mindful about sustainability by Lupita Hodgson

The Measure of Forgiveness
A short film created by Gideon Khachadourian

Final Student Projects, Youth Media Making Summer Intensive, Summer 2020

In partnership with SFPUC, Summer 2020 Intensive Students (Ages 14-17) created short films on the topic of environmental justice. Playlist

Instructor: Jamie DeWolf
Mentors: Karolina Esqueda and Jessie Skeva
BAVC Youth Programs Staff: Jay Gash, Faye Terry, Jessie Skeva

2050 by Anya Lance-Chacko

A visual narrative about perspective in these challenging times, and the importance of checking your privilege and placing collective equality above self.

Pandemic Effects on Me by Jerry Zhan

A video about how COVID-19 HAS affected us and how we can prevent getting the virus.
Climate Change: An Awakening by Madeline Morris

A letter to the future from the perspective of a teenager during a pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.
Tell My Grandkids I- by Esteban Morales

Short film documenting the everlasting changes climate change will have and how it has affected our yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Problems Illustrated Vote! by Beatriz Skidgel

A documentary explaining main issues with climate change and illustrating the solutions.
Movement Not a Moment by Toby Peterson

How Gen Z grapples with the reality of climate change and an older generation’s inaction.

Plastic Bottle by Isabel Yaffe

A short film about how pollution contributes to climate change. It shows how your little actions can have a big impact on the Earth.
Be the Change, Climate Change by Piero Lujan Pedreschi

An emotional short film that represents the hardships climate change will cause.
Memories by Ryan Savage

A teenager remembers the times hes had before his childhood gets taken over by climate change.
Rising Tides by Aiden Jennings

A look into how climate change is affecting Bolinas, CA.
China's Totalitarian Regime by Joseph Tam

A film bringing awareness to issues in China.

Change is Coming by Sophie Montoya

The destruction of the planet leaves a new generation of activists to fight the status quo and save the earth as well as their future.

Subject Zero One by Xiarel Guillermo Cortez

A doctor hidden away makes his final recordings about a dying subject.
Style Conscience by Cameran Ford

What teens are doing to combat fast fashions negative affect on the planet.
Where I'm Going by Noah Fernandez

A short summary of where I come from and where I will go.
In 2020 by Matias Maldonado

A story about how there isn’t a future if we don’t do something to help the planet.