Since 2008, RYSE has created safe spaces grounded in social justice that build youth power for youth of color to love, learn, educate, heal, and transform lives and communities. RYSE programs facilitate exposure to, exploration of, and creation of expressive art to promote personal healing and shift narratives about youth. Through our annual productions, youth explore themes of self-discovery, belonging, ownership, and leading with love. RYSE’s youth leadership pathways program supports youth as leaders in school and community organizing, facilitating trauma informed and healing arts professional development workshops for educators and administrators, both locally and nationally.

Julian Montes - Joy and La Llorona

Artist Julian Motes shares a poem about joy, community, culture, friendship and so much more, while playing his guitar for the Spirit & Soul Festival 2020, hosted by Richmond Main Street Initiative. This piece is sure to bring peaceful vibes as you meditate on these themes in your own life.

Adriana Avalos - Writing Your Wrongs

Artist Adriana shares a poem about the current state of America, the deeply rooted racism embedded in this country, and who she writes for. This includes marginalized communities that are also the backbone of our civilization. She centers the lived experiences of radical change makers within our everyday people. This is about writing the wrongs of those in power, while putting the power back into the community!

Artist Bio: Adriana Avalos is a 15 year old youth RYSE member and a Chicana poet. She serves her community as an activist and a proud accomplice. She uses poetry as a necessary tool for promoting unity and solidarity. She believes that speaking from the heart is essential to accomplishing solidarity and liberation.

A’Zaria Kates

A'Zaria Kates is a 19yr old first generation undergrad at Cal State University of East Bay & Los Angeles City College. She is currently a Visual Arts Intern at RYSE Youth Center and has been a RYSE member since 2013. A'Zaria loves expressing herself, her life, struggles, and successes through art, which includes visual arts, poetry, dance, and performance.

Joann Davis

Joann Davis is an 18 year old artist and RYSE Youth member since 2017 in addition to being a RYSE Visual Arts intern from 2018 - 2019. Joann loves to express black love, joy, and magic through acrylic painting and visual arts. Included in RYSE’s Black History Month Art Gallery

Hadassah Williams

Hadassah Williams is a Visual artist, a RYSE Intern and member since 2019. Hadassah is a lover of the arts, music, community, and her chosen family. She is interested in creating work that inspires, educates, and supports others in her community. Included in RYSE’s Black History Month Art Gallery

Wisdom, Haddassah Williams, Acrylic Paint

Visual Arts Internship

Series of murals created by the visual arts internship team for the Youthtopia Art Gallery.