Youth Art Exchange exists to make sure that San Francisco public high school students have this critical access to the arts. Our mission is to spark a shared creative practice between professional artists and public high school students, furthering youth as leaders, thinkers, and artists in San Francisco. We offer free, multidisciplinary arts programs after school, in school, and during the summer.

Our vision is that every public high school student in San Francisco will have access to meaningful, in-depth arts education that amplifies their voices.

The Architecture Firm class is an advanced program which immerses design students into real world projects.

YAX Architecture Firm Street Furniture Project

For this project, YAX has partnered with the San Francisco Planning Department and the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development to design and prototype street furniture for the Mission Street corridor in the Excelsior.  In Fall of 2019, the students, working individually and then collaboratively as a single team, designed modular and repeatable structures for various sidewalk purposes such as sitting, lighting, and greening. 

After engaging in community feedback with neighborhood leaders and at Sunday Streets, the students finalized their design in Spring 2020 and began building.  While delayed due to the pandemic, the students began meeting outside in-person in September to build their project.  Aiming for completion in March 2021, below are some images from “the build” as well as final design images.

Faculty artist: Logan Kelley

Youth artists: Dylan R. Ison T, Juliana Z, Lucy M, Patrick C, Natalie D

Youth from the 2019-2020 Architecture class who also worked on this project: Audrey P, Jodi J, Juliana Z